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I'm trying to start some processes and connect them using pipes with ABCL
(like Unix shell pipes). I've reviewed the documentation but I haven't found
anything. Are I missing something? If not, are there any plans of adding
input, output and error parameters for run-program (like SBCL, CCL, etc.)?

There's a function like that in run-program.lisp:

(defun run-program (program args &key environment (wait t) clear-environment)
  "Run PROGRAM with ARGS in with ENVIRONMENT variables.

Possibly WAIT for subprocess to exit.

Optionally CLEAR-ENVIRONMENT of the subprocess of any non specified values.

Creates a new process running the the PROGRAM.

ARGS are a list of strings to be passed to the program as arguments. 

For no arguments, use nil which means that just the name of the
program is passed as arg 0.

Returns a process structure containing the JAVA-OBJECT wrapped Process

c.f. http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/lang/Process.html

Notes about Unix environments (as in the :environment):

    * The ABCL implementation of run-program, like SBCL, Perl and many
      other programs, copies the Unix environment by default.

    * Running Unix programs from a setuid process, or in any other
      situation where the Unix environment is under the control of
      someone else, is a mother lode of security problems. If you are
      contemplating doing this, read about it first. (The Perl
      community has a lot of good documentation about this and other
      security issues in script-like programs.

The &key arguments have the following meanings:

    An alist of STRINGs (name . value) describing new
    environment values that replace existing ones.

    If non-NIL, the current environment is cleared before the
    values supplied by :environment are inserted.

    If non-NIL, which is the default, wait until the created process
    finishes. If NIL, continue running Lisp until the program

Does that solve your problem?



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