This should be what happens "naturally" when you use ASDF, unless some source file (or depended-on source file) is newer than the corresponding fasl file.

Note that ASDF may be looking for your fasl files in a cache instead of in the same directory as the source files (see the manual for explanation). If that is the case, then ASDF will be putting the fasl files it writes into somewhere else, likely in ~/.cache/common-lisp

Nevertheless, ASDF should definitely not be compiling the same file over and over if nothing has changed.

On 21 Apr 2024, at 12:01, Greg Bennett wrote:

Hello from Greg Bennett who is trying to debug some compilation issues in Allegro.

I have what I believe to be a completely compiled project, consisting of several systems,
and I would like to load only its fasl files. Specifically I do not want to re-compile the source
files which would replace those fasls.

I have looked at the manual in the hope that load-bundle-op might work, but I see that
this requires *compiling* the source into a single fasl.

Perhaps (probably!) I'm missing something.

Any advice/assistance much appreciated.


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