Good morning from Greg Bennett who is running sbcl 2.0.10 under linux mint 19.2 64-bit
and using asdf 3.3.6 with mcclim from mcclim-20201016-git via quicklisp.

I am working on a large project and wish to capture the results of a trial compile in a file
so that I can check notes, warnings, errors, etc.. Such a compile essentially loops over
a set of asdf load-systems.

Not unnaturally for me, I make mistakes, and sometimes I get blocked by an unexpected error
which I believe I have managed to isolate.

I am quite unsure about the locus of the unexpected error .. asdf ? sbcl ? mcclim ? their interaction ?
so I am starting with asdf-devel.

I am uncertain how much to include by way of source files, so i have opted to summarise things here first.

New sbcl 2.0.10 in emacs listener

Load a set-up-file to ensure I am using asdf 3.3.6 [I gather this is significant for sbcl]. And some of
my own logging tools. Two files attached.

Load mcclim

Running (in-package :cl-user)

 (a-l "mcclim" "doit" (doit) "Z" :base-name "/home/gwbennett/mcclim-code/")

which has the effect of writing the results to a file, in this case


The process exits with:

; wrote /home/gwbennett/.cache/common-lisp/sbcl-2.0.10-linux-x64/home/gwbennett/mcclim-code/check-qmb/one/test-qmb-tmpJU0JWO19.fasl
; compilation finished in 0:00:00.051
; No value

Now suppose I do something which contains an error, such as
CL-USER> (asdf-version)

Since (asdf-version) is not in the cl-user package, this is an error. What I get back is a different error message:

#<SB-SYS:FD-STREAM for "file /home/gwbennett/LOGS/MCCLIM/MCCLIM2020-lsbcl-to-Z-26-NOV-at-14:5:2.lsp" {1008BEC8A3}> is closed
   [Condition of type SB-INT:CLOSED-STREAM-ERROR]

Which is my unexpected error. Sometimes after ABORT (twice), this error can block me from defining any new function or loading a new
function .. all I receive is a repeat of this message.

Thank you for your patience
Greg Bennett