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Interesting thing to learn that they actually existed. Never knew and I actually thought about sending a request to the ASDF mailing list to that extent to mirror the metadata that's commonly included in Perl modules. With these fields, the already known "description" field and the dependencies list, it would be possible to start a nice metadata site like metacpan.org -- with the notable difference that we don't have a CPAN.org, so people would have to register their own packages. Kickstarting with quicklisp projects could be a nice seed for the site.



On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 6:03 AM, Faré <fahree@gmail.com> wrote:
Shamed by a tweet by @hexstreamsoft, I made a very minimal attempt at
documenting the existence since ASDF 2.27 of the :homepage
:bug-tracker :mailto :long-name :source-control keywords to defsystem.
I will leave for someone else to make real manual entries out of the
information. NB: AFAIR, none of the types of these arguments is
enforced by ASDF.

Good luck!

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