On 14 Oct 2020, at 13:03, Mark Evenson wrote:

On Oct 14, 2020, at 19:34, Robert Goldman rpgoldman@sift.info wrote:

That would be great. I have a Jenkins set up on a multi-core box at SIFT that for now runs only Allegro, SBCL and CCL. It's hard for me to make it accessible to anyone else, though, because Jenkins is such a security nightmare: we keep access only to our VPN.

Are all the artifacts necessary to run the Jenkins pipeline in the ASDF
repository? I haven’t used Jenkins in something like a decade, so I have long
forgotten anything I may have remembered, but will start figuring things out

Yes, if I understand your question correctly: there are git submodules for everything that is needed to run the tests, except for the lisp implementations.

Running on Allegro, SBCL, CCL, ECL, and ABCL should be quite doable. I have
yet to hit LispWorks up for a license, but will make the appropiate polite
request when I know more about how to keep the licensing secure for Allegro in
the Jenkins instance.

I have long had a complimentary Lispworks license, with use restricted to only testing compatibility of ASDF (and another open source library) with LW.

We should be able to provide somewhat of a progress report tomorrow around this
time as to how far we actually got to running the ASDF CI under Jenkins.

In mine, I simply set the environment variables ASDF_TEST_LISPS and the variables that point to the lisp implementations. Then I call make test-all-no-upgrades-no-stop.

But this is not the clever way to do things, if you have the ability to spawn multiple processes for concurrent testing on multiple implementations.


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