hu.dwim.stefil-api-impl is part of cl-test-grid test running infrastructure,
added to asdf:*central-registry* here:
In the report there are many such failures for hu.dwim.stefil-api-impl and
also some for fiveam-api-impl, but not for other test framework. Strange...
26.03.2017, 22:48, "Attila Lendvai" <>:
 Failures on new version only:

it's very interesting, babel on ccl fails with this:

QUICKLISP-CLIENT:SYSTEM-NOT-FOUND : System "hu.dwim.stefil-api-impl" not found

what is this -api-impl thing? rgrep "api" babel/ and hu.dwim.stefil/
gives nothing. rgrep -- "api-impl" quicklisp-* yields also nothing.

where is this coming from?

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