Even of the crash might happen at seemingly random places with a bit of luck a backtrace might provide a hint to the one who know all the inner workings of the program. For example it can tell how far the program came, perhaps accidentally, and how far it didn't come.
Additionally to the place where the program crashed ima backtrace often tells where an wrong parameter to a function comes from.

Would it be possible for you to provide backtraces for a few different crashes?

With a bit of luck someone can use them to find a trivial fix for the current and maybe even many upcoming Os and Toolchain versions.

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On 18 September 2019 22:57:32 CEST, PR <polos.ruetz@gmail.com> wrote:
On 9/9/19, PR <polos.ruetz@gmail.com> wrote:
never mind, asking around helped (this branch is not cleaned-up, as
the author says, but surely a very good start for somebody willing to
pick up from there):


ok, so having a working build script for ECL on iOS arm64 is a big
step forward, but still not enough:
I have no problem compiling and deploying the "arm64-port" branch with
the following versions:

Xcode 10.2
iOS 12 (phone)

But it crashes with EXC_BAD_ACCESS during cl_boot().
I can't currently be precise about the point/function it crashes,
because this depends on what I put in the main() function: if I add
some arbitrary stack variable before cl_boot(), like:

char tmp[256];
cl_boot(1, argv);

it crashes at a completely different point than without it, the same
if I simply change the size of the char vector.
The author of the above branch was able to run it successfully about 3
years ago (2016), even with ASDF and Swank, on a real device.

Now my question is: if you tried it, and it worked for you, what were
the exact Xcode and iOS versions you used?



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