I wrote the previous mail on the phone by memory, sorry. I meant i'm using cl_safe_eval, which you understood correctly.

I understand that cl_safe_eval(form, env, value) is just a macro to si_safe_eval(3,form,env,value), so i tried si_save_eval(2, c_string_to_obj(_expr), Cnil) as per your suggestion and it works like a charm. 

This is great for faster development!

Many thanks Daniel,

On 8 December 2015 at 06:34, Daniel Kochmański <daniel@turtleware.eu> wrote:

do you mean si_safe_eval? I can't find save_eval function, but
si_safe_eval prints the error if desired.

I've added corresponding documentation issue:

Generally, if you provice si_safe_eval with four arguments (incliding
the nargs), then on error the fourth one will be returned. If you
provide only three arguments, then standard debugger will be invoked and
error printed (note, that you may unwind protect it, and then only the
error should be printed).

It's a feature, because often we don't want these things in the
production code, we just want to be able to verify, if an error
occurs. So if you want "normal" handling of the errors, invoke it like

si_safe_eval(2, c_string_to_object("(hi-jack)"), ECL_NIL);

(or if you want some other environment, use it instead of ECL_NIL,
i.e. ecl_process_env()).

Best regards,

Diogo Franco writes:

> Hi all,
> Uncaught error conditions in lisp code don't display in *standard-output*
> for me, when ecl is running embedded in c (i presume the reason is that i'm
> calling the lisp functions using save_eval()).
> My workflow on the shell while developing is then to do ctrl-c which drops
> me to the REPL, and to manually execute the functions, which will print the
> error.
> I'm no expert on the inner workings of ecl, so forgive me if this is a dumb
> question, but is there some way to get the errors in *standard-output* even
> when using save_eval()?
> Thanks in advance,
> Diogo Franco

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