Happily we are safe, because we didn't update to 3.3.0 in a first place. Thank you for head-ups though. Congrats on a new release.

On 15.11.2017 15:27, Robert Goldman wrote:

Here is the announcement. Because this fixes a backwards-compatibility bug, we strongly encourage you to replace 3.3.0 with 3.3.1 in your implementations.

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Today we release ASDF 3.3.1, the first bugfix release for the 3.3.0 release series. Of primary interest in this release are

  1. a fix for an incompatibility in the UIOP stamp-comparison functions. The handling of infinity as a bound in these functions changed between 3.2 and 3.3, potentially causing problems in backward compatibility. In order to maintain compatibility, the old behavior was restored to the stamp-comparison functions, and new functions -- TIMEstamp comparison functions -- were added to carry the new behaviors.

  2. a fix for upgrade from version 3.2.1

  3. fixes for bugs that can occur when the default readtable is manipulated inside a dependency loaded by DEFSYSTEM-DEPENDS-ON.

We urge implementations that are currently bundling previous versions of ASDF -- and especially those bundling 3.3.0 -- to upgrade to 3.3.1 at their earliest convenience.

Here is the changelog entry for 3.3.1:

cl-asdf (2:3.3.167-1) unstable; urgency=low

New milestone:
* UIOP compatibility fix: Introduced new replacement "timestamp"
comparison functions, because of inadvertent change in the
API. Functions that are compatible with the old semantics are retained
as "stamp" comparison functions, but will eventually be deprecated.
* Upgrade fix: Upgrade from 3.2.1 needed repair.
* Syntax manipulation: Fix for bugs that could be introduced when the
default readtable was manipulated during the loading of a
defsystem-depends-on system.
* Tests: tests for new capabilities and bugs
* Documentation: a number of improvements and clarifications.