Thank you for forwarding, and I found my answer in the source code,
namely in cpmain.lisp, around line 471.  It tells you to set the optino
:c-file "foo.c", for example, when calling compile-file.

thanks again

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Brian Beckman writes:

> Hello --
> I am experimenting with ECL for actual embedded applications
> (in the sense of "embedded systems," i.e., small computers running
> disconnected controller software.
> The hardware team insists on inspecting the generated C code from
> the ECL compiler.  I found, in the ECL manual, directions for
> producing .o files, .a files, .fasl files, and standalone executables.
> I also found prose that says that it is possible to emit the
> actual .c and .h files.  However, I can't find instructions on how
> to emit the actual .c and .h files.

Generated code is readable, but it's a generated code after all. It's
not pretty.
> I can (compile-file "hello.lisp" :system-p t), but that produces
> only a .o file.  I need to see the .c and .h files.  My hardware
> team won't permit ECL-generated code until they can visually read
> and inspect the generated .c and .h files.

To prevent ECL from deleting these intermediate files you need to set
special variable c::*delete-files* to nil.

  (setf c::*delete-files* nil)

Intermediate files are *.c, *.h and *.data . The last one contains some
untranslatable expressions (rare occasion – if you work with infinities
for instance) and debugging/reflection information (like the path to the
source file).

This problem has been tacled by Earl Ducaine here: .
> Can you help me figure out how to generate them?  I can't find
> the instructions in the manual.  I am starting to read the source
> code, but perhaps you can give me correct pointers into the manual
> or some other kind of instructions.

I'm now in-process of revising manual and rewriting it into texi
sources. I'll keep in mind to document this. It would be great
if you could file an issue on (with the label
"documentation"). Thanks!

> Thanks!


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