I have discovered that Stas Bokuraev is continuing to refuse to update Edi packages to modern ASDF system-naming.

This would not be bad in and of itself, because these are open source systems, and they can be forked.

What is bad is that he has publicly stated that he is doing this hoping that the resulting warnings will break people's systems and thus cause them to get angry and complain to me about ASDF checking system names.

What is even worse is that the CL community tacitly accepts this as normal behavior.

I would like to see the CL open source community pause and consider what constitutes a healthy community. I don't believe that someone trying to break things in order to pressure a volunteer maintainer of infrastructure is something that a healthy community should accept.

If the community prefers a more rough-and-tumble approach, I can accept that, but if so it's time for the community to find an ASDF maintainer who is more in harmony with the values it (at least implicitly) espouses.