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I'm writing to follow up my email . I didn't hear back from anyone . If it makes sense to talk ,please kindly advise . If not ,who is the appropriate person for me to talk to ?
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ˣ sarayang
ʱ䣺 2021-09-08 10:43
 Re: RFQ

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Good day  !!

Do you need new PCB supplier ?? 
If yes ,do it right now ,make change and get some fresh blood to your team!! 
We are the main supplier of Jabil ,Flextronic ,Intel for  PCB .  We are good at doing PCB including Aluminum pcb , HDI ,FR4 ,Rogers,Alron ,Flex-rigid and  so on .

Your kind reply will be highly appreciated !!
Sara Yang 
Bestech Circuits (HK) Limited
Tel: (86755) 2918 5755 
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